"I believe that every person has the infinite possibility of showcasing both their inner and outer beauty."

- Florencia Taylor

Florencia Taylor
Florencia Taylor is an award-winning makeup artist who was recently awarded the prestigious North American Makeup Artist of the Year Award at the 2017 NAHA Awards. Florencia uses the art of makeup to bring out the best in women by expressing their internal passion through an external medium. She highlights the unique nature of each of her clients and uses makeup to enhance their beauty and personality. To Florencia, makeup is so much more than a job, it is her passion and her gift.

Florencia’s love for makeup began at a very young age while studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While attending modelling school Florencia picked up her first makeup brush, and quickly realized that she had found her calling; she was introduced to the beautiful, creative world of makeup and began to find inspiration in the lipsticks and powder brushes on catwalks.

"I loved doing makeup for my friends. Perfecting my special talent of deciphering different face shapes, unique lines, and contours became my daily obsession.”

This obsession naturally expanded to include the skin care world where she spent hours researching retinol, day creams, gels, hydration, and more. This aesthetic evolution and quest for excellent provided the springboard for Florencia to further her education. She continued to expand her knowledge by completing several prestigious, exclusive makeup and aesthetics certifications.

"There is beauty in everyone. Imperfections are what make us unique. Makeup is just a tool to enhance our features and make us feel more confident and beautiful."

- Florencia Taylor

Having a passion for powders, glosses, mates, and the perfect liquid eyeliner is fantastic; however, Florencia’s devotion to her art stems far beyond that. Her primary source of inspiration is the beauty and individuality of the human face.

"I look at a bare face as a blank canvas where I can utilize my talents and special vision to showcase and highlight a woman’s natural beauty without covering them up. The most exciting situations are when I can challenge my client’s self-perception with just a few strokes of my brush. There has been more than a few times that I have witnessed happy tears in my chair.”

Florencia has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of faces for various projects including professional photo shoots, television shows, weddings, book covers, special occasions, “I just want to feel pretty moments”, fitness competitions, and more.

Not only does makeup bring out the best in Florencia’s clients, but it also brings out the best in her. Her love for beauty; creative passion; and unique eye for colours, palettes, details, shapes, and contouring ensures that Florencia’s lifelong quest for aesthetic excellence will never cease.